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Education in Zagreb -Telematics

An online training with the theme” Telematics” was held from 13.10.- 15.10. 2020 as part of the DESCO project. The training was conducted by the Road Traffic School in Zagreb.

 The project’s official website with existing, new and planned content was presented to the participants on the first day of the project. The SELFIE tool was also presented. It will be used for self-assessment of digital technology for learning and teaching in schools.

Participants were also introduced to the CVS Mobile telematics system. They had the opportunity to log into the CVS system and experience its benefits and see how it works.

A presentation about EU regulations on drivers' working hours and break periods was held at the end of the first day. Participants were involved and answered questions about that topic actively.

On the second day of the training, through the VTT-firm project and the programmes used within the project, the participants were presented with the role of advanced telematics in road traffic and thus the optimization of costs and work processes. Participants did several practical exercises in the telematics system. The application of the CVS systems in driving, in transport companies and the way it is used by students and instructors at school is shown through video contents.

The impact of telematics on traffic safety through new intelligent solutions on vehicles and roads was presented on the third day of training. Teaching and training of future young drivers is a daily challenge. The developmental specifics of young people, which affect driving training and behaviour, were introduced to the participants through the psychological approach to this topic, as well as the risk factors young drivers face.

Further plans and activities following in the future within the DESCO project were presented at the end of the last day.