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In the week from March 28 to April 1, 2022, the Road Traffic School was the host of the competition and the holder of the DESCO-Driver Exchange Skill Competition project, in which we tested the skills and knowledge of the modern competences of motor vehicle drivers who are characterized by safety, conscientiousness and a culture of driving motor vehicles. by vehicle.

The main goal of the project was to strengthen the connection between vocational education in the transport and logistics sector and the labor market and to ensure quality education in the profession of motor vehicle driver through the transfer and dissemination of knowledge, skills and good practices among European vocational schools. As part of the project, the School of Road Transport created a logistics workshop equipped with a pallet rack structure, a manual pallet truck, a manual pallet truck with scales, an electric high-lift truck, euro pallets, transport carts, snow chains, and equipment for wrapping and securing burden. As part of the project, we also conducted forklift operation training for 26 school employees so that they could successfully transfer their practical knowledge to students.

We hosted project partners Kouvola Region Vocational College KSAO from Finland, Traffic Technical School from Zemun and Lycée des métiers Maréchal Leclerc de Hauteclocque from Saint Jean de la Ruelle from France, whose mixed teams of students competed in driving skills and knowledge. In this way, we broke the prejudices about the driver's job as an exclusively male occupation.

The competition was held until Friday, April 1, and our contestants took part in interesting competitions such as testing knowledge and skills in providing first aid, a competition in stacking and securing cargo on pallets and in a vehicle, and a competition in truck driving skills.

The students particularly stood out with their driving skills at the Žitnjak Goods Terminal training ground, where they also demonstrated their dexterity when placing chains on truck wheels and thus proved that they are not worried about the coming weather.

Competitors had the opportunity to use the Fleet management CVS Mobile system as part of a global telematics solution and to check how the system affects the driver's work (communication, sending routes and orders, application of documentation and entry and record of costs). The implementation of the competition in the field of telematics was monitored by representatives of the partner company CVS Mobile d.o.o. who awarded the contestants with special gifts.

The competition ended with the awarding ceremony and the announcement of the winners. In the team competition between countries, our students, Filip Dutčak, Antonela Štrek and David Francešević, won the first place, and in the individual and very strong competition, our Antonela Štrek won the second place. We congratulate the students from Finland, France and Serbia on their achievements, and we thank the mentors for their cooperation until we meet again!