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First training for teachers in Finland - Rides in winter conditions

As part of the Desco project, the training of driving in winter conditions was held from the 10th-12th February 2020. The education was conducted by the partner school Kouvola Region Vocational College KSAO from Finland.

On the first day, after the mutual introduction, sightseeing and informing about the school in Kouvoli, teachers attended the training in winter conditions, and also completed tasks on the same subject. The teachers drove the cargo or passenger vehicles at a certain speed and certain conditions in order to determine the braking distance depending on the surface and the speed of driving.

On the second day of education, the machines, equipment and ways for quality driving performance in winter conditions were presented. Some of the solutions are the On Spot system (automatic chain activation), triggered by a switch on the dashboard, the device on the sand-ejecting vehicles, and the placing of chains on the wheels. Teachers got familiar with the correct way of placing and stripping of different types of snow chains, and they tried setting them up themselves. Truck driving simulators used to train driving candidates delighted and entertained teachers.In the logistics department, the fork lift driving simulator was presented and the teachers also had the opportunity to try it out. But apart from the simulation itself, the teachers performed the transport and transhipment on real forklifts, thus familiarizing themselves with working in safe conditions.

The third day included a visit to the helicopter department. An educational system for students educating themselves for aviation mechanics was also presented with a tour of helicopters and aircrafts. Responsibilities include maintenance, repair and modification of aircrafts in civil aircraft services and aviation industry. After visiting the helicopter department, the teachers participated in a theoretical part of training related to winter driving conditions and winter equipment. In this way they connected the acquired practical and theoretical knowledge and skills.