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Training in France - Forklift Management and Handling and Transport of Hazardous Substances

As part of the DESCO project, the training Forklift Management and Handling and Transport of Hazardous Substances was held from November 29 to December 2, 2021. The training was conducted by the partner school Lycée Maréchal Leclerc - Saint Jean de la Ruelle from France.

As part of this learning, teaching and training activity, participants were introduced to the activities of the host school, their vocational programs and the school system and education in France. They visited all vocational workshops that the school has and were acquainted in detail with the department that educates staff in the field of transport and logistics.

The education in the field of forklift management and operation consisted of two theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part provides information on the types of forklifts, their parts, rules of forklift operation and protection and safety when handling the forklift. The focus of the forklift handling training was on the practical part where the participants operated different types of forklifts and manipulated different types of cargo to the level of complete independence. A guest lecturer from Fenwick, the largest forklift company in France, came to the training and introduced us to all types and innovations in forklift production that are relevant today around the world.

Education in the field of transport and handling of hazardous substances also consisted of a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, information was obtained on the types of hazardous substances and the conditions of their transport. In the practical part, hazardous substances had to be identified, properly labeled and prepared for transport, paying attention to which hazardous substance could be transported and stored together.

During the mentioned mobility, a professional-educational trip to Le Mans was realized on the track where the 24 Hours of Le Mans car race takes place, with a presentation of the development of cars over the past hundred years.

At the end of the training hosted by Lycée Maréchal Leclerc - Saint Jean de la Ruelle from France, the upcoming events included in the project were agreed, including a competition in skills skills of students from partner schools to be held in Zagreb from March 28 to 1. April 2022.