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As part of the Desco project, the training Security and Protection was held from 18 to 20 October 2021. The training was conducted by the partner school Traffic - Technical School, Zemun from Serbia.

On the first day, after visiting the School and informing about the school system and the way of education in Zemun, the teachers were introduced to holding the final exam for the profession of motor vehicle driver. After the theoretical part, the teachers had the opportunity to see a demonstration of what the practical part of the final work looks like - stacking and securing the load, and to participate in the execution of tasks.

On the second day of the training, after an insight into the road safety of Serbia, the Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia presented a driving simulator. On the driving simulator, teachers were able to try driving in different conditions - under the influence of alcohol of different degrees of alcoholism and how it affects the use of mobile phones while driving. At the end of driving in different conditions, the simulator shows the driver the number of errors he had in each condition separately. After the training on the simulator, the Red Cross Zemun, in cooperation with the students of the school, performed a demonstrative first aid exercise. They demonstrated the real situation of a truck and car accident, and the Red Cross officers showed the proper treatment of the injured.


At the beginning of the third day of education, a digital technograph was presented, which the school procured for the education of students. Software for control, data analysis and monitoring of fleet performance - TIS WEB was demonstrated and presented. Also, a DLD device for remote download of data from driver cards and digital tachograph memory was presented. After that at the Volvo Center, teachers participated in the Eco Driving education. In addition to the theoretical part of the training, the teachers, together with the experts of the Volvo Center, did the practical part of the training on Volvo vehicles.

At the very end of the training hosted by the Traffic-Technical School, Zemun agreed on the upcoming events included in the project, including the date of the last training for teachers in France.